My name is Elizabeth and I am from Bath, though currently living in Scotland. I am a fourth year modern languages student at the University of Edinburgh. I study Italian and French and self-teach myself Mandarin, Japanese and Portuguese. I would love to learn Hindi in the future too! Indian and oriental cultures are curious to me because of the mystery involved in religions such as Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism, their ancient roots and languages.

I love travelling, I am vegan, and also enjoy writing and photography. Other cultures are of great interest to me and I find that learning the language provides a key to understanding the mentality of a people. Documenting cultural encounters and improving communication is my opinion more effective than labelling yourself an anthropologist (speaking as an ex-anthropology student). I practice yoga, go walking, cycling, backpacking, eat healthily but also get my daily dose of (relatively healthy) cake.

Reading offers a refuge from the stress of everyday life. I am a fan of fantasy works like the song of ice and fire series, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but also find pleasure in reading realism, such as Madame Bovary (regardless of what Flaubert claimed...) and L'amant, historical novels such as Empress Orchid and the help, comic works like Candide and a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and pop science by the likes of Bill Bryson. 

In this blog I document my student life and the life I live during the summer holidays, traveling and working when this is an option. 

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