Thursday, 8 December 2011

I feel as though I have so much to tell, and so few means by which I can express myself. I'm hopelessly excited with this new world I've discovered, so much less stress and pain than previously. To summarise this year, evaluate it and make changes, I will briefly list the moments that stick out above the rest. I could easily list negative experiences and those which were positive, but I'd rather just mention those which count.

The best day of the year? It's difficult to pinpoint. I have had many little adventures around Edinburgh, besides with friends and my boyfriend in Italy. The day spent in Monteriggioni and Siena :) Or walking up to Loch Brandy and having fun by the lake... More days like that are sure to come.

I've discovered the domestic goddess in me, and achieved a healthy balance between academia, socialising and self maintenance. My flat is almost immaculate and the food I make is very enjoyable, plus healthy! Founding the Italian Undergraduate society, cycling and taking time for walking, cleaning the flat and pampering, besides socialising in many forms, salsa and yoga, I am becoming more and more self-confident. I am also realising what I want from life, even if the same issues are there, I am learning how to deal with them.

Life is no longer a mad rush, sure I can get emotional sometimes, but I am content and have learnt to take things more slowly. Despite this, I am achieving even better results than I have previously. :) Life is becoming interesting again.

...And if I could make a few positive changes for the future?

1. Be there for more people, stop delaying things when good things are offered on a silver plate.

2. Attend yoga more frequently.

3. Opt for a more relaxing holiday...

4. Be even more further ahead with my subjects... That is what the holidays are for, after all.

5. Read more for pleasure during term time. No more needs to be said, just very rewarding.

6. Keep knowing that distance isn't an obstacle forever.